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  • The nutritional adequacy figure, which is then informed in the ING, is a value that shows the average need for certain nutrients that must be met every day for almost all people with certain characteristics including age, gender, level of physical activity, and physiological conditions, to live. healthy. Information on nutritional value aims to inform the nutritional content contained in food or beverages as a guide for consumers to make choices before deciding to buy packaged food or beverage, so this research aims to test the Nutritional Adequacy Rate (RDA) of wood dried tuna which is then informed. in the form of Nutritional Value Information (ING) on the packaging label for wood dried tuna products. The laboratory test results showed that the diversified product of wood dried tuna with fish bone meal substitution after being processed with modern packaging through the canning process has a nutritional adequacy rate (RDA) per 50 g is total energy 80 kcal, 2g total fat, 1g saturated fat, cholesterol 13mg, 12g protein, 3g total carbohydrates, 1g dietary fiber, 1g sugar, 150mg sodium, 180mg potassium, 52.44 mg calcium, 1g iron.

    • Umar TangkeUmarTangke
    • Bernhard KatiandaghoBernhardKatiandagho
    • Rochmady RochmadyRochmady
    Research Article Open Access
    Vol 13, No 2, P: 352-357
  • Sei Carang waters are baronang fish habitat (Siganus guttatus). The research was to determine the length-weight correlationship and condition factors of baronang fish (S. guttatus) in Sei  Carang. Sampling of baronang fish (S. guttatus) in two months (September-Oktober 2019) is taken once a week based on fishing activities and water conditions. Length-weight correlationship of female and male baronang fish (S. guttatus) were W = 2,0895E-05L2,9575 and W = 1,30073E-05L3,0424 respectively, based on this value show that female and male baronang fish (S. guttatus) in Sei Carang have isometric growth patterns (b = 3). Condition factors of female and male baronang fish (S. guttatus) were 1,735 and 1,633 respectively.

    • Yuri IndriyaniYuriIndriyani
    • Susiana SusianaSusiana
    • Rochmady RochmadyRochmady
    Research Article Open Access
    Vol 13, No 2, P: 327-333
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    Bivalves are marine biota found in the waters of Terkulai Island, Tanjungpinang City, and as one of the catches of fishermen.  However, there is no research study on bivalves. The purpose of this study was to determine the types of bivalves, the structure of the bivalve community, and the relationship between the structure of the bivalve community and environmental parameters in the waters of Terkulai Island. This research was conducted in April-August 2023. Determination of sampling points using random sampling method as many as 30 points with sampling plots measuring 1x1m. bivalves found in the type of sand substrate slightly muddy gravel as many as 10 species, and the gravel sand substrate type consists of 2 species. The Circe scripta species was the species with the highest density in both substrate types with values of 0.37 ind/m2 and 0.20 ind/m2. The community structure based on the substrate type of slightly silty gravel and gravelly sand was obtained for the diversity value (H') of the bivalves ranging from 1.804 and 0.562. The uniformity value (E) ranged from 0.784 to 0.244. the dominance value (D) was found to range from 0.253 and 0.625. The measurement results of the physicochemical parameters of the waters are still at a feasible threshold for bivalve life. The principal component analysis (PCA) shows the density of bivalves with water parameters has a positive correlation with DO and pH.

    • Dilla SahillaDillaSahilla
    • Susiana SusianaSusiana
    • Dedy KurniawanDedyKurniawan
    • Rochmady RochmadyRochmady
    • Karyawati KaryawatiKaryawati
    Research Article Open Access
    Vol 16, No 2, P: 191-199