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P_Nursanti  Abdullah

Nursanti Abdullah

Universitas Khairun, Indonesia
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    Effect 17α-Metiltestosterone Hormone with Different Dosage to Percentage Male Sex, Absolute Weigh Growth, and Survival to Congo Tetra Fish (Micraleptus interruptus)

    Congo Tetra fish is one of the freshwater ornamental fish species which is in great demand because of its high economic value. Male congo tetra fish have a higher...

    Muhammad Irfan, Nursanti Abdullah, and Siti Fadilla Paputungan in Agrikan: Jurnal Agribisnis Perikanan (2020)

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    Giving Ovaprim Hormone Against Fertilization On Red Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

    Tilapia is one type of freshwater fish that is very popular with people North Maluku community, and has potential economic value to be developed in North Maluku.The...

    M. Abjan Fabanjo, Nursanti Abdullah, and Eko S Wibowo in Agrikan: Jurnal Agribisnis Perikanan (2021)

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