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Distribution of chlorophyll-a concentration with the catch of julung fish in Ternate Island city

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The study was conducted during March-May 2017 in the Coastal Waters of Ternate Island of North Maluku Province with the aim to study the relationship between the concentration of chlorophyll-a and the catch of Hemiramphus sp and its potential fishing area. Using experimental fishing method and non-linear regeneration analysis and GIS analysis. The result of this research shows that oceanographic factor that is chlorophyll-a concentration has significant effect on the catch of julung fish with correlation coefficient value of 0.729, with potential catch area located at three locations ie at coastal of Ngade to Kalumata on location 00o45'00"N - 127o21'03"E to 00o45'28.924"N - 127o22'08.893"E, coastal Keluarah Fitu at the location 00o44'39.490"N -127o19'51.083"E to 00o45'09.150"N - 127o20'52.263"E, and on the coast of Kelurahan Rua on location 00o45'51.169"N - 127o17'25.857"E to 00o46'42.457"N - 127o17'45.633"E.


Daerah Penangkapan Potensial
Hemiramphus sp.
Pulau Ternate
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